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Bamboo Field Prepared and ready for planting

Comercial Bamboo 
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Tractor and Trees

Land Clearing 

Tractor Plowing Field

Disking and Soil Preparation

GPS Field Design

Drone Field Survey

Irrigation Design and Install 

Irrigation Microjet
laying plastic beds

Raised Beds and Plastic Mulch

Planting Bamboo

Planting Services 

Farming cultivating crops

Field Maintenance 

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Field Consulting 

About Agro-Bamboo

Agro-Bamboo is a commercial bamboo planting and management service company. We work directly with OnlyMoso USA to help new farmers install their own plantations, as well as provide agricultural management services for larger-scale farms. Our team of bamboo experts has installed over a hundred acres and planted more than 50,000 plants in recent years with a 99% take rate. Agro-Bamboo provides the highest quality commercial bamboo installations and management to companies that want to create sustainable environments for themselves and their clients.

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Bamboo feild design and irrigation design

What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

Bamboo Leaves
"The Agro-Bamboo team is responsive and knowledgeable about bamboo from nursery to plant health and care expertise.  They really supported us especially in the planning process, resource procurement, and planting of our bamboo farm.  Agro-Bamboo has a supportive staff that is committed to seeing us succeed.  Thank you for being a partner to our continued success as bamboo farmers."

Blia LLC

"All I can say is that Agro-Bamboo did an EXCELLENT job!!! They did everything from field preparation, laying the irrigation and planting the field. I could not be happier that I decided to use them for my project. I had 8 acres of an orange grove that needed the trees to be removed, the land disked, and lay new irrigation lines. They also worked with me on with the GPS layout of the bamboo plants and once that was done they then put in the plastic sheeting and irrigation sprayers for each plant. At planting, they went through and planted each plant, made sure they were tied up correctly for support and that the sprayers were correctly positioned for each plant. They worked with me and kept me appraised the whole time from start to finish, everything went so good that I did not lose a single plant! After the planting they were still there to answer my questions and provide support to make sure I keep my field growing! I could not be happier with them."

JAM-B Holdings

"The guys at Agro-Bamboo were extremely helpful with the build of our farm. They provided us with their expertise throughout the planting process and advised us with the latest caretaking techniques when they were completed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get into commercial bamboo farming. "

TallGrass Bamboo Farm

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