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Tractor Clearing Land

Land Clearing 

Looking to clear some land for a new Bamboo project? We can help! Our tree removal and burning services are perfect for those looking to convert agricultural land into a commercial bamboo farm. We're quick, efficient, and always leave your property looking its best.

Disking and Soil Preparation 

Tractor Plowing Field

Disking and soil preparation is a vital step in establishing a successful bamboo plantation. The disk harrows break up the soil and turn it over. This prepares the soil for receiving organic matter and nutrients that will help to support bamboo growth. By turning over the topsoil, we create an ideal environment for new plant life to take root and thrive. With our attention to detail and years of experience, you can be sure that your bamboo field will be ready for planting when you choose Disking and Soil Preparation Agro-Bamboo.

Drone Field Survey

GPS Field Design 

GPS Field Design is the perfect tool for professional bamboo plantation construction. Your plantation will be constructed exactly as planned with accurate plans and markings, ensuring a beautiful and successful result.

Irrigation Design and Installation 

Irrigation Microjet Sprayer

Looking for a bamboo irrigation system that is designed specifically for your needs? Look no further than Agro-Bamboo! Our custom microjet irrigation systems are perfect for any size bamboo field and can match up with different pumping systems and automation systems. Let us take the hassle out of irrigating your bamboo field - call us today!

Tractor Laying Plastic Beds

Raised Beds and Plastic Mulch 

Agro-Bamboo offers professionally laid plastic for commercial bamboo plantations. The raised beds function as a weed barrier while the plants are first established. We utilize a tested thickness of plastic that balances thick enough material to prevent most weeds from coming through and thin enough to allow young bamboo shoots to grow through it. This allows for an easier, quicker, and more successful plantation with less maintenance required in the future. Contact us today to get started on your bamboo plantation!

Field Maintenance Programs

Farming cultivating crops

Looking for a reliable and professional bamboo maintenance program? Look no further than our Field Maintenance Program! Our experienced team will cover all your plantation needs, from irrigation checks to mowing, fertilizer applications, and herbicide application. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service possible, so you can rest assured that your bamboo plantation is in good hands. 

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