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  • What's the adequate spacing when planting Bamboo for Commercial purposes?
    There are several theories out there, with different settings. Most of the Commercial bamboo fields exist in ASIA, where temperatures and latitude positions vary in comparison to Florida. In the latter years our farmers have seen successful results out of two settings either 12’ x 12’ or 12’ x 10’.
  • What are access roads for? And what size should they be?
    Access roads serve a very important purpose for your crop especially at harvesting time. As you may imagine, these small bamboo mother plants will eventually grow to be a bamboo forest. The additional space left in between beds or Perimeter roads will the only way to get your product out. When collecting shoots, there will be a need for vehicles to access you field and collect the harvested product. Additionally, When Harvested canes at 20ft, 10ft, or other sizes, the space will be much needed to move canes and equipment around the field. We recommend leaving 20 ft. in between beds and at least 25 ft. as main access roads or perimeter roads.
  • How much water should I be providing each mother plant?
    As you may imagine, this is not a black and white answer. There are many factors that can affect how much water is needed per plant and how often. These can include the type of soil your field has, the time of the year, the age of the plant, Topography of the field, irrigation system, and many others. The best way is always to watch and see, mother nature is perfect! Generally, we have seen different plantations range from 7 to 20 gallons per plant per day. As a general average we recommend providing at least 10 gal per plant per day, however all of this can change depending on factors previously mentioned in this paragraph.
  • What type of irrigation system should I use?
    In agricultural there are many ways that can work in terms of growing plants. Many farmers have tried different systems. We can tell you the most successful way of establishing bamboo mother plants has been through the use of Poly Pipes and individual microjets set at the root base of the plant. As the plant grows these microjets may need to be moved accordingly to properly irrigate the plant.
  • How big of well or pump do I need?
    The answer for this question will also vary depending on many factors. How big a field you are irrigating? How many plants or acres are you planning on planting? Is there another crop you are growing or will be growing within the same field? This will be answered as those specifics are determined on an individual basis. The best way to answer is that the GPM (gallons per minute) output of the well or pump station should be enough or higher than what’s needed to irrigate your field. These technical aspects will be answered by your OnlyMoso or Agro-bamboo representative as the process is on-going.
  • What type of fertilizer should I use?
    We recommend using a control release 90-day and 180-day granular product to be utilized at the initial planting. Thereafter, at least 2 or three times per year using a slow-release or control release fertilizer have shown great results. At the same time, the use of liquid organic or microbial enhancements products to be applied via fertigation systems or using pump sprayers have shown to be effective as well. You may consult your OnlyMoso or Agro-Bamboo rep for the specific NPK references number and/or manufacturers that will better suit you.
  • Is Agro_bamboo The same company as OnlyMoso USA?
    No, Agro-Bamboo LLC and OnlyMoso USA are completely different entities and separate operations. AgB grew out of the need to meet the demand for new individuals and investors alike wanting to become Commercial Bamboo Famers. Three Members from the OM family got together and formed a company to address this need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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